Ferri Consulting delivers supply chain services in these critical areas:


Evaluation of current practices including suggesting a relook of current suppliers, suggesting a resizing of your supplier base, and renegotiations using the RFP process to obtain best value along with value-added services, not just best price.

Enterprise Architecture

Deliver a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of your organization. The intent is to determine how your organization can most effectively achieve its current strategy and future objectives.


Career advancement training, interviewing techniques, and coaching support.


Evaluation of your current practices using Internet and social media tools to reduce costs, deliver information instantaneously, and market how you meet customer needs versus competition.

Supply Chain

End-to-End evaluation of your current operation/mission suggesting improvements that reduce costs, eliminating superfluous steps, and improving quality.


Evaluation of current practices and a relook of your current transportation base (truck, water, air, and rail), suggesting a resizing of your transportation base to reduce costs and improve delivery performance for your customers.

Talent Management

Evaluation of your current Human Capital Strategy suggesting practices that will find, obtain, and retain the best-value talent available. Approaches for industry include structured techniques to build employee objectives, process for quarterly evaluations and feedback, and the assessment of training needs to grow your future leaders.

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